Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Cannot create new BizTalk projects in Visual Studio 2008 – “Project Creation Failed”

Sometimes when trying to create new BizTalk project in VS 2008, we may encounter above subjected error. In addition to this error in IDE, warning also will be generated in Application Log as “One or more templates do not match any installed project packages.”
The reason is BizTalk projects are internally treated as C# projects. So during any repair or update to VS 2008, a registry entry will be overwritten.
We have 2 solutions for this issue.
1. Doing a repair to BizTalk Server will solve the issue as during BizTalk installation the registry entry will be updated to support BizTalk Projects. You can either run the BizTalk Installation -setup.exe or directly go to Control Panel->Programs and Features->Add/Remove Programs->BizTalk Server 2009 -> Repair.
2. Change the value of the following registry entry from csproj: to csproj;btproj.
The Registry key will be available at
For 32-bit versions of Visual Studio 2008:

For 64-bit versions of Visual Studio 2008:

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